A bridge? & Patchwork
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A bridge? & Patchwork

The Bridge Works? and Patchwork participated in the 15th Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean (Thessaloniki/Rome, October-November 2011), with the theme SYMBIOSIS?
Two works with a common denominator of shape, size and other materials.
In the work entitled Bridge? (A BRIDGE?) is dominated by the liquid element consisting of three materials. The silver disc unites and separates, it acts as a bridge and a barrier. I wonder, is there respect, understanding, tolerance, freedom, balance, to act as a unifying element in the face of diversity? Or will small passageways help to integrate into society only those who manage to survive through their adaptability? The acrylic (plexiglas) with its characteristic clarity refers to spiritual purity, a prerequisite for mutual “openness” in symbiosis. Will clarity prevail over the prejudices that are born in this symbiosis?

In the work entitled Patchwork, the sphere is supported by ropes that vary in colour: white, blue, green, yellow, red, black, declaring multiculturalism. Here things are clearer, the materials are more clearly defined, the materials are the same, their shape and size dissimilar, the colours and textures! Silver=precious, iron=hard and perishable, olive wood=peace and harmony, lapis lazuli=rare, clay=earth, acrylic=technological development. All together, all together, embracing a common core. They unite, marry, become one body, one force! Difference is an advantage to bring about balance.

Paraskevi Kokolaki

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