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Petalida (Limpet)

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Petalida (Limpet)

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In nature, a female limpet which carries the fertilized eggs, has a sharply conical shell shape, in contrast to a male limpet which is almost flat.

My limpets are female. They stand in space, upside down, resembling vessels, one next to the other, blending together in a whole.


I have created a piece which begins as a jewel and ends up as an object: A bunch of small, fragile porcelain cones, which grow larger and larger in size, yet smaller in quantity, simultaneously creating a massive sturdy cone.


  • Type:

Necklace & objects


  • Released date:

December 2023 – January 2024


  • Materials:

925˚ oxidized silver, white porcelain.



Group exhibition entitled: Space Place Time Memory.

The exhibition lasted from 02/12/2015 to 30/01/2016, at Casa Bianca (Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki). The works of the exhibition resulted from the Workshop held in the same space, from March to May 2015, entitled The Bathtub of Casa Bianca and coordinated by Mrs. Teta Makri (Professor Emeritus of the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

The work I participated with, entitled On the other side, refers to a bathtub chiffon, placed at a height of about two meters from the ground, so that it forces us to look underneath it. The bathtub siphon as the only passageway, the only way out of the water, and therefore the only passageway to go below the surface, for introspection.

Water is (implied) predominantly a symbol of regeneration, of purification. Contact with it creates the need for an inner dialogue without beginning and end, a perpetual desire for freedom. Our worries, our obsessions , our desires, our insecurities, our joys, our miseries… all swirling in the chiffon of our bathtub, mirrored against us and reminding us of what is diligently on the other side!


Group exhibition entitled:

The exhibition lasted from 24/03-20/05/2015 at Container Art Café in Thessaloniki.

The balancin work was created as long chains-installation on which silver human figures balance. These figures “seem” to keep a distance between them, touching on the lack of communication and at the same time with a sarcastic mood they were enclosed in caramel balls, which melted and revealed exactly this mood for communication!

A bridge? & Patchwork

The Bridge Works? and Patchwork participated in the 15th Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean (Thessaloniki/Rome, October-November 2011), with the theme SYMBIOSIS?
Two works with a common denominator of shape, size and other materials.
In the work entitled Bridge? (A BRIDGE?) is dominated by the liquid element consisting of three materials. The silver disc unites and separates, it acts as a bridge and a barrier. I wonder, is there respect, understanding, tolerance, freedom, balance, to act as a unifying element in the face of diversity? Or will small passageways help to integrate into society only those who manage to survive through their adaptability? The acrylic (plexiglas) with its characteristic clarity refers to spiritual purity, a prerequisite for mutual “openness” in symbiosis. Will clarity prevail over the prejudices that are born in this symbiosis?

In the work entitled Patchwork, the sphere is supported by ropes that vary in colour: white, blue, green, yellow, red, black, declaring multiculturalism. Here things are clearer, the materials are more clearly defined, the materials are the same, their shape and size dissimilar, the colours and textures! Silver=precious, iron=hard and perishable, olive wood=peace and harmony, lapis lazuli=rare, clay=earth, acrylic=technological development. All together, all together, embracing a common core. They unite, marry, become one body, one force! Difference is an advantage to bring about balance.

Paraskevi Kokolaki

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